Work with what you Have!

We all have dreams and aspirations about what we want to be or where we want to be. Indeed, if all of us actualized our dreams, the world would probably be light years ahead. But the world is littered the carcasses of very promising individuals who fell by the wayside when the going became too tough. Indeed, one of the major differences between the celebrities we all know too well and the rest of us is that they didn’t wait for chance to knock twice, they grabbed at chance the first time.

Not all of us are endowed with the same levels of natural talent or resources. Few individuals are blessed with outrageous amounts of talent that clearly separates them from the pack, the rest of us have to work our way up the food chain while becoming masters of our craft. Some of us might elect to wait for the perfect opportunity to launch their careers which is where the majority of people go wrong. Whereas it is no advocated that you launch your career in a rush without prior planning and sense of direction, it is also not very desirable to wait too long before working on realizing your dreams. Indeed, if you ask any random person on the street, they will probably narrate with no small bit of regret the ideas they failed to act on when they were much younger and time was on their side. Do not be the one to regret when the best years of your life are behind you and all you have to show of your dreams are vague memories and forlorn looks of what could have been.

Some chances only come once in a lifetime, do not wait too long for your lucky break waiting for a chance that might never turn up, instead grasp your current opportunity and make the best use of what you have. You may not have access to a state of the art recording studio to record your next hit, or a pro scout knocking at your door, you cannot afford to wait till that chance shows up because it may not, at least not by just sitting around and waiting for it to fall from the skies. Work with what you have, start small and work your way up slowly and not only will you truly appreciate what it takes to get to the top, you will have earned the right to be there. Don’t wait for life to be give to you as a finished product, take it as a challenge and work for it.

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