Secure Your Base!

Regardless of whether you have aspirations to have a wide and all inclusive audience, you must first channel your energy to seduce a particular audience.  Currently you may not have the resources, skill or time needed to seduce a wide audience.  This can be used to your advantage. Artist, Politicians and Socialites understand the important of having a “base”, a core set of followers, who you have mesmerized with your talents, charm and good looks.


You efforts should be to identify your base; if you are thinking “well everyone”… STOP!  You are seriously dreaming.  Your base could initially include:

  • your family and distant relatives
  • your classmates from school
  • your fellow church members
  • the patrons at your local bar
  • the employees at the stores you frequent
  • fellow players in your arena

Basically you are working on a hand to hand level, trying to build your audience from your physical encounters.  It is True that Social Media has changed the game, however you still must define and secure your base.  When you inevitably slip during your ascension there will be plenty who desert you and your base will still remain if you invest the time to secure it now.  These “Choosy Susie” followers that you acquire via social media are merely luxuries in the true game of celebrity.  You want to focus on attracting the loyalty of your base.  You don’t want to focus on your casual audience members.

If you have begun your climb to stardom without identifying and securing your base audience, you are destined to fail.  Invest a little time to uncover who is actually a realistic potential audience for you in your arena.

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