Sacrifice for your Craft!

If you want to be a star in the future you must sacrifice things in your life now.  The climb to celebrity requires a certain mindset.  One shaped by suffering and sacrifice.  There are countless mental exercises that you can do to strengthen the power of your mind, however, there is no substitute for sacrifice and suffering.  Some of the greatest success stories begin with a moment or lifetime of defeats.  So look at your life now and sum up all of your negative experiences.  Use these as fuel for your ascension into the heavenly realm of celebrity.

Nothing can replace the benefit of being in a difficult situation and recalling your experience overcoming a more troubling one.  These are what we like to call character building opportunities.  When you become a celebrity in the future, you will be faced with numerous obstacles to knock you back down to earth.  Learn to keep gravity at bay now during the beginning of your climb and you will be that much more untouchable.

So what kind of sacrifices are we talking about?  What you enjoy now are diluted luxuries.  If you wish to become that super nova like persona, you must be prepared to do away with them and focus on the future.  Delay you self gratification until you have reached the level of notoriety that you deserve.  Spend some time in the pits and harness your strength and resources to fuel your ambitious climb.  It is said that Stars are “born” out of “no where” every day, but this is far from the truth.  Stars train and sacrifice over long periods of time and then in one day they are “discovered”.

Sacrifice your leisure time mastering the skills in your arena.  Sacrifice your money and invest in tools and training specific to your arena. Sacrifice your current comfort for the opportunity to live in luxury.  If you are entirely focused on the crafts of your arena you are bound to be discovered.  Do not take these simple words lightly and believe that a half hearted effort will yield you the same results.  It won’t.  There are millions of average people in your arena.  One of the differences between you and them will be your mastery of your craft. It is not the only difference but it should be your main focus until you have reached the skill level of the top 20% players in your arena.  If you make the necessary sacrifices to get within the elite of your arena then you have made a very important checkpoint.  You do not have to be the best.  However, if you cannot honestly say that you are “among” the best in your arena, then you have some work to do.  You must be realistic about where you are on your ascension and decide now if you are truly willing to make the sacrifices that others have already made.

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