Lighten Your Load!

In every arena, there are people who are celebrated and adored by others the most.  Among Athletes Lawyers, Singers, Teachers, Delivery Drivers, Politicians, Dog walkers, Office clerks, and Computer Technicians, there are those that stand out because of “something special”.  Your main focus should be your current arena.  Study it! Master it! Get to know every angle of its current Players!  This will be the basis of your new celebrity status, your foundation to the massive structure that we will help you build.  Your area of choice is of no particular importance because once you have mastered one arena your skills with be easily transferred to another.  Soon you will be entangled in the social power structure of several different arenas and begin your true ascend into the heavens.

For now let’s start with your mind.  Protect it at all cost, it is your most important and private tool to complete your ascend.  If you want to be adored, followed and loved by many you must have a strong healthy mind.  There are numerous cases where the not so stable minded make a temporary ascend, however, truly successful celebrities all have strong minds even if at times it doesn’t seem so.

We first will give you a practical example and let you understand our meaning of mental strength.  When people interact, there is a small (often subconscious) battle of the minds.  Next time you order food at a restaurant study the person taking your order before you proceed.  Take note of their demeanor.  Is it offensive, polite, arrogant, professional?  Once you have judged them with your limited information, proceed to slightly mimic their demeanor with a small bias toward another.  For example, if they are mean and offensive then keep their same tone and sneak in a polite word like please or thank you.  See if you can alter their demeanor by infusing your knowledge of self and mental strength.  Conversely, if they are extremely happy and confident see if you can rattle them a little.  This may be too cruel for you to consider playing with the emotions of another human being, However it is an art form of those who are admired and desired.

Now that you understand our context of mental strength a little, we will focus on the defensive aspects of mental jousting.  Don’t take crap from anyone!  If someone offers it to you, politely decline.  If they throw it at you then move out the way.  If they hit you with even a small amount of their crap it may be necessary to wipe it off and throw the soiled rag back at them or visibly dispose of it.  Eventually, you will become known as that person no one messes with because you are so nice.  In actuality, you have only established yourself as a difficult target for mental leeches.  These are the people who mercilessly will feed on weak minded individuals.

If you desire to be in the limelight these small obstacles will begin to add up and start weighing you down.  Your climb is steep and we suggest that you lighten your load before you begin.  Strengthen your mind and avoid load of crap. Do yourself a favor and Lighten Your Load!

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