Groom for Success!

During your climb to the heavens you may find yourself neglecting a very important thing.  Grooming is very important.  It can get expensive for the well established A-list celeb.  However, learn to groom yourself well and you will see others notice.  Pay attention to the details of grooming that separates you from someone who just does a weekly groom.  Meticulously go over yourself in the mirror and fine tune your image at the basic level of a good old fashion groom.  This should be part of your daily schedule not something that you do once in a while.

Remember that your image is a deliberate portrayal of yourself.  So if you look unkempt you better have a well thought out reason why.  There are some strategies to the look but we suggest avoiding them during your initial ascent.  If you have a well established audience and are confident in their loyalty, then you have more room to experiment.  If you are building your base then you should stick with proven imagery or invent a subtle change to separate yourself from the pack.



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