Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Now you may have heard this in the condescending way.  Like to suggest that you have no talent and quitting your day job would be suicide.  But, we are not suggestion this.  We are suggesting that you use your day job to your advantage.  If you are striving to gain standing in your arena you should have a day job that is in some way tied to that arena.


So whatever your hustle to put food on your table is, Use it to promote your standing in your arena.  Network with the people that you interact with at your job and recruit them into your audience.  They may become part of your base.  If your Day Job has no connection at all to your dream, you may want to consider looking for another day job that has at least a little overlap.


Your focus to reach the heavens should infect every aspect of your life.  Don’t be foolish to think that anything (like your day job) is disconnected in this world.  The specific dynamics of your ascension are beyond anyone’s understanding, but the fact remains that it is affected by everything you do.

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