Don’t Just Dream!

What’s in a dream? Is it the drive that keeps us going even when we are running on fumes? Is it the secret ambitions and desires that we hold so dear and close to our hearts or is it the hope that every new day we face will be better than the last. Perhaps dreams are the sanctuaries to which we escape to when the going gets tough, or maybe the hazy castles that we build on lazy Saturday afternoons hoping that one day we can put some brick and mortar on their bare skeletons. Many of us will consider at least one of the above descriptions to be true, so what’s in a dream? A dream is the single greatest obstacle that stands between you and success. This may be a mightily confusing statement because, after all, how can the dream that is supposed to be our path to stardom also be our greatest challenge?

One of the greatest tragedies that can happen to any human being is being stuck in a dream, living up in the clouds in a fairy tale land, or burying our heads in the sand and assuming all is well. Being a celebrity calls for more than a dream, it calls for rolling up your shirt sleeves and tackling whatever challenges that come in between you and your dream. Clearly, dreaming is only half the task, working for it is the other half. You will hardly become any sort of a success by just dreaming about it; many a times life will spring you a nasty curve-ball that will knock you off balance and often derail your progress. At other times you will find skeptic individuals who will try their level best to reduce your lofty dream into a pile of confused rubble and you must be prepared to fight for that dream and defend them regardless of what anyone thinks of it.

Dreams are quite fragile. Along your ascent to stardom you will be presented with a myriad of challenges and obstacles that will give your dream a serious battering leaving it covered in dents and bruises. Most people would just give up on their dreams when faced by an array of challenges but you are not many people. Your dreams are like young saplings, be ready to stand by them and protect them from the harsh world till they can stand on their own and once you have achieved the required level of growth, you can watch them bloom into a beautiful reality, the one that you always dreampt of. Achieving that dream is much more than dreaming, don’t just dream, craft for it the wings it requires to soar and carry you to Stardom.

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