Create your Unique Blend of Presence

Presence is a skill that will help separate you from the others in your arena of choice.  Your Presence is something that others should feel and immediately recognize.  If you find that you can walk about your day and not be noticed then you are obviously doing something wrong.  There are several approaches to developing Presence and you will have to develop you own customized version.  The two extremes are the strong overbearing presence and the naive inviting presence.  All others lie somewhere in between.  Within your arena develop your special blend of Presence to court new followers.


Attention is a currency, if you are paying too much of it then you won’t have any left at the end of the day.  So when you go to your usual places be aware of your surroundings and be “aware” of the people around you, but do not “pay” them attention unless they have already paid you enough of their own attention.  The exceptions of course are those occasional investments that must be made.


This is very difficult to do while not coming off as arrogant, but with practice you will become the center of attention.  Children and True celebrities understand that there is little difference between negative and positive attention.  Let them criticize you and talk about you with their friends, eventually you will become known among different circles.  The goal is to create an audience for your every move while you are in public.  Some will love you others will hate you but all will know of you.  You should not confuse Presence with being a jerk, the goal is to concentrate your attention on the necessary people and treat the others as your audience.  It is quite alluring to the audience to receive occasional gestures such as smiles and waves, but limit them to an established audience member or you may become part of someone else’s audience.

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